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    Are you storing something that needs to be in the right climate? Whether it’s antique furniture or old documents, you need to be sure that they’ll be recognizable when you need them again. Luckily, Controlled Storage Systems offers environmentally controlled storage units that help keep your personal belongings in the best possible condition. Don’t worry about the effects of leaving your stuff in the garage, and don’t worry about ruining your possessions. We offer 125 climate-controlled storage units in various sizes to store anything you can fit in there!

  • Climate-Controlled Storage Units

    Our Climate-controlled storage units are great for keeping things safe from the elements. Check out our list of just a few things that could benefit from storage in a climate-controlled unit.

    • Antiques
    • Art
    • Furniture
    • Files
    • Documents
    • Books
    • Old Records
    • Family Photos/Heirlooms
    • Electronic Equipment
    • More…
  • 5’ x 10’ Environmentally Controlled Storage Units

    This is the first of our available climate-controlled storage units. These units are small, about the size of a large closet, and they’re great for storing a limited amount of items. Overall, a 5’ x 10’ storage unit can fit the amount of furniture in one room such as a bedroom or dining set – this amounts to approximately 100 standard-sized cardboard moving boxes.

  • 10’ x 10’ Environmentally Controlled Storage Units

    For those that need a larger climate-controlled storage option, we offer 10’ x 10’ storage units that increase your capacity for extra space.  These units provide an extra five feet in width, making them about the size of a small bedroom. These units can fit about the amount of furniture it takes to fill two rooms in your home, plus a little extra. The space in these units amounts to about 200 standard-sized cardboard moving boxes.